Pressure Washing

The basic function of pressure washing is the process of using highly pressurized stream of water or very hot water to help remove dirt and other materials from hard surfaces. It helps in removing residue like salt, mold, algae, mildew, and due to the presence of heat, it also removes easily, residues of chewing gum, grease, oil and the like. It is a go-to option for heavily soiled spaces and works well on hard surfaces, such as cement or concrete. A pressure washer is used to perform the task. The device is basically a water pump powered by an electric or gas motor that accelerates water or steam through a hose. The water comes out through a jet at the tip of the hose at travels with a higher kinetic energy removing dust, dirt, grime etc. Our expert workers with excellent knowledge and experience of the right usage of the equipment and techniques will ensure that we achieve the best results for your facility.

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