Post-Construction Clean Up

Shinol Inc. and our experienced staff are quite the experts in providing post-construction clean up. You may be renovating or rebuilding an office or taking down a portion of the facility, or completing a construction project, or it could be as simple as repairing a small dry wall. After any such event, the hardest part is to bring your workplace back to its original and normal state of functionality. And evidently, ‘the devil is in the detail’. Several weeks of construction or remodelling work can leave behind a lot of trash, dirt, and debris. However, the biggest nuisance is fine dust. It penetrates carpets, furniture and any exposed surfaces. Fine dust could make its way to vertical or horizontal surfaces, table tops, chairs, ledges, hand rails, floors, hard to reach corners, light fixtures etc. Our hardworking team is very reliable, and delivers construction cleaning services at the highest level of quality and professionalism. Our staff has the right eye for detail and ensures that every nook and corner is paid attention to and is cleaned properly.

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