Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning means cleaning carpets by extraction method performed to remove stains, dirt, and allergens from carpets. The process begins by removing all moveable furnishings from the carpeted areas. A vacuum cleaner is used to remove surface soil and embedded grit. All paper, gum, rubber bands, staples, paper clips, and other debris should also be removed from the carpeted area. All spots and stains are treated with spot cleaning solution and the whole carpeted area is then thoroughly cleaned.

Shinol Inc. has extensive expertise in providing a variety of carpet cleaning methods that includes; Hot Water Extraction, which is also known as steam cleaning is a process where the applied cleaning agent is extracted with hot water or steam. Though this process requires a fair share of time to clean and to dry the carpets, it ensures both cleanliness and hygiene. Bonnet Cleaning which is another method of cleaning carpet is more a quick fix used on carpets requiring a spruce up. Bonnet machines with spinning pads on them gives the carpets a quick clean up and a very smooth look. Carpet Shampooing, which is a very professional and traditional way of cleaning carpet, involves application of a foaming substance on the carpet. The solution is then worked into the carpet with a machine followed by wet vacuuming which sucks up any dirt or residue from the carpet. Once the carpet dries, a dry vacuum cleaner is used for final clean up.

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