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Janitorial services which can also be referred to as a part of commercial cleaning, handles various tasks in professional facilities like commercial, industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, retail outlets, corporate offices and the like. A professional and consistent janitorial service ensures the upkeep and cleanliness of your workspace on a daily basis. The scope and the level of janitorial services will vary depending on the facilities that need to be cleaned. For example, a corporate office building may need a different type of approach compared to a heavy duty industrial facility. The type of tasks usually covered in janitorial services includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, garbage emptying and disposal, washroom cleaning and replenishment etc.

It would be ideal to employ a company like Shinol Inc. that has over 25 years of extensive experience cleaning similar workspaces similar to yours. We have valuable and long standing experience providing janitorial service to a multitude of industries including automobile manufacturing, aerospace corporate and manufacturing, food and beverage, EMS manufacturing, Government offices & institutional facilities like clinics, hospitals, schools/colleges, heavy duty industrial facilities, post-construction clean up etc. Our crew is well trained to work in accordance to the type of facility they are working at. For example, our janitor at an aerospace manufacturing facility understands that a small deposit of dust could be detrimental in the quality of a product our client produces. At Shinol Inc., we are equipped and quite flexible in adapting our janitorial cleaning approach to fit your specific needs.

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