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COVID-19 crisis was a game changer in every aspect for every company. After the corona virus pandemic, we now have and proper understanding of pathogens, how it can contaminate, infect and disrupt health and hygiene of a workplace. Shinol Inc had been providing on-call COVID disinfecting services across Ontario throughout the pandemic season.

We have a team of specially trained personnel who are experts in corona virus disinfecting. Our team will ensure that all touch points from where contamination is likely, is addressed to properly. Some of which may include disinfecting door knobs and handles, elevator buttons and railings, electric switches, water fountains, horizontal furniture surfaces, dispensers, sinks, faucets & countertops, fridge handle, microwaves, coffee makers, printers, table-top telephones etc.

Our team is trained to choose the right type of corona virus disinfection method from touch point sanitizing to high traffic area disinfecting, fogging services and electro static disinfections services. Our team at Shinol Inc is committed to providing on-call professional level virus disinfecting services for businesses all over Ontario.

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